Spring Pleasures

Dark room, the light penetrates through the half-open slits in the blinds. Throws Zebra stripes on outstretched, naked female body. Gold parchment skin glistening water droplets.
Wet mane is covered pillow, and long fingers clutching the phone.
Throaty, hoarse laugh.
He: Forget it.
Her: Come on, like sitting in one place will become even worse.
He: My brain run straight from the ears. Still less will I began to hallucinate from heat. And you have the nerve to talk to me about sex?
She / innocent / Well.
He: You serious?
She: You know that the climate has never affect me. Moreover, I just got out of the bath towel … No … my skin still smells of fruit … my damp sheets …
He: A droplet flow directly into Venus delta, eh?
She: Why do not you come to check?
He: terror.
She / low, purring voice / I know.
He: You can not tempt me.
It / with a quiet giggle / If you say so.
He: I really can not.
She: Well, do not argue. That will spread the new balm and indulge in sweet summer-afternoon masturbation.
He: Monster.
She: Thank you.
He: We had to catch the work of a phone sex, it would be a real gold mine.
She / innocent / Well, you do not succumb to temptation. Monk would get up, huh?
He: I’ll bring a heart attack one day. Up to half an hour I’ll be.
Back portion of the excitation her laughter.
She: I hope your other parts are harder than your will.
This time, the blinds were fully descended his sleepy eyelids. He felt only the flavor of the stick she had ignited. Hissed softly and moved his hands helplessly in an attempt to free himself from handcuffs. His eyes fixed on dressing incredibly irritated his skin.
Loss of control over his actions, idiotic helplessness strong grip over the limbs … was mildly uncomfortable. A witch could not stop chuckling somewhere in the corner of the room.
Growled power.
– Where the hell are you? Immediately let me go.
– And what will you give me in return?
– I’ll spank as is done with any bad girl and leave you unsatisfied.
– Your offer does not sound good, sir. – Drag it. He felt the stirring of something in the air. She slid closer to him, but stood off. If his hands were free, he would just reach out and grabbed her appetizing ass.
But damn handcuffs were really hard work.
Leaving red stripes on his wrists as predatory teeth.
She never had a crush on puhchetata.
He was sweaty, naked, feeling dirty and everything in it was acquired special sensitivity.
Like every time you put a bandage and gives visual intensity of your other senses.
Bursting at the seams, and she allowed him relief.
He bit his lips until they bled.
How to let it shackle so skillfully?
Suddenly he felt her slide on it … without touching it.
Her skillful fingers removed the blindfold, and her image was revealed to him from the burning pain eyeballs.
Barely make out her features light of candles scattered around the room.
It was furious … but garter and her lips turn influenced her.
He stood over him on all fours, like a real bitch, leaning on his hands. He moved his hips rhythmically each time before you relax in his lap jerked and he smiled mischievously.
Approaching his lips and pulled back.